Yes…finally I have my english page on my lovely blog yippppiiie. My experience said that I need more practice in both of english conversation and writing. So that I dream to have this page to practice my english in writing. But, I have no time to learn how to customize this blog to have an english page.

Until (as usual), I did one “buzz” to my online buddy, asked him to help me to have an english page on my blog. Unfortunately he was busy that time and will have no time to help me. I had no choice and decided to wait his pleasure time to help me. And last week, a conversation brought me to his promise that he will try to fulfill my request in the weekend

And now… you are reading my first post here. Very big thanks to Deny who had made my dream come true. Hope I can keep my spirit to update this page continuously. Ok then, let’s just wait and see 😉 .


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Last modified: February 24, 2015