Yesterday was my Mom birthday. You’re rite, my Mom birthday is same with US Independence Days, July 4th.
Call me a bad daughter, forgot to order birthday cake for her (doh) .
I had a chat with my sister in law to ask her favor to get birthday cake and deliver it to my Mom office. Yes,my Mom is still working at her current age. This would be a surprise for her.
Then the idea came, I thought it would be nice if I could see her birthday smile on my own eyes. And also she would be very happy to have her grandchildren around on his birthday.

I called my hubby to tell him about this sudden plan. He agreed and right away prepare to bring our kiddos (that time my hubby didn’t yet go to his office).
The only worry is to ask my boss permission. He is a very nice boss, a very tolerant one for family matter. But to ask his permission with short notice like this made me so uncomfortable.
But my worry had no reason, nicely my boss gave his permission (yahoo)

Me with my hubby decided the meeting point. We’ll meet on KM 19 Cipularang highway, not yet too far from Jakarta so taxi still can go back thru Bekasi. Also there is a rest area so I can have my lunch while waiting.
Short the story, we met and went to Bandung.

Lucky us that my sister in law got the Rainbow cake provider which can accept very short notice order. She ordered at 11 AM to be delivered at 2 PM (woot) . So, birthday cake checked, birthday gift checked.

My youngest brother was the first one who arrived on my Mom office. He reported to us that only my Mom and one of her co-worker were still remain. The others already went home. We were still on 1 hour to reach my Mom office. Then we agreed to change the plan. The surprise party will move to my Mom’s home instead.
At that time, my Mom still knew nothing about our plan.

We reached Bandung at 4 PM and met my younger brother family before get in to my Mom home. My Mom just arrived and already wore home clothe.
Together all of us got in and said “Happy Birthday, Eyang!!“. She was very surprised and repeatedly said : “Why nobody informed me?”. But we knew that she hide her feeling that she was very happy 😉 .

Happy birthday, Mom
It is priceless to see your smile in happiness
May Alloh always gives you good health and happiness so we always have a chance to see your smile for long time ahead.
We love you Mom …

Note :
Eyang is one appellation for Grandma 🙂


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Last modified: September 15, 2015