hmmmm… second post after almost 3 years… (blush)
Call me I’m a chicken. Yes…my absent to post in english is simply because of my scare.
I’m afraid that my English is bad, worried to be derision because of that.
But as wise people said, our big enemy is ourself.
I have to fight my fears.
So here I am, trying to against my fears by start (again) to write in this page.
Enjoy …

I remember in one of my interview session with one company. The HR showed a surprised face when she read my CV : ” hmmm… I’m sorry, but is this really your hobby? Baking? I thought that collides your background as a technician”
I only reacted with a smile 😀 .

Yes, one of my hobbies is baking. Previously, I really didn’t like baking.
Baking for me is an activity which need a very big effort but the result can be enjoyed only in minutes only.
So it’s not worth it, I prefer to cook instead.
But then, I don’t remember triggered by what, I was really wishing can bake a cake.
I tried to bake a cake by follow a recipe from a book.
And you know what, that day I baked 7 times, and only the latest one was succeed 😀

By the time, my interest to know more about baking is coming bigger. I attended some baking courses include also cake decorating. First, I apply my course to serve my little family, my neighbour who come to our home, and after sometimes I started to accept order from others and got paid! (dance)

the picture is taken from here

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Last modified: September 14, 2015



Kereeen, berapa harga yg dipatok buat kue ultahnya mba ?

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